Sitting Around The Campfire With Dirtyfrank’s Musical Stories

The fire crackles and burns as the heat engulfs the rest of us as we sit down in a circle around the fire. The night sky is clear and the crickets chirp as we wait and see what the night brings us. The strum of a guitar bellows the sounds of the crickets and sparks high as it blinds the fire in the background.

The stories of pain are sung with each strum of the guitar and voiced by a man that crawled out of the hole in the floor and escaped with just an ounce of breath left in him.

His stories captivate the audience and draws them near to where the whisper of the voice can be heard loudly by the man with the guitar.

Dirtyfrank music is a story of a young man who crawled out of a car crash and had to rebuild himself in order to live his life and tell his story. The songs are indie acoustic and the band hails from Adelaide, Australia. Check them out and enjoy their music, not much truth is out in music these days. This man lived it, tells his story with his voice, guitar, and words!

DIRTYFRANK MUSIC Here is there website and like there social media here: FACEBOOK and TWITTER