Sirens Battle of the Bards on Kickstarter – Satine Phoenix & Apotheosis Studios 5e DnD Campaign and Setting book

Satine Phoenix, Dungeons & Dragons luminary and game designer, is teaming up with Apotheosis Studios to release Sirens: Battle of the Bards. This artistically-inspired 5e Campaign and Setting launches on Kickstarter April 22nd and runs until May 22nd 2021.A 5E Campaign and Setting in a City of Artists Where Bards Inspire Revolution.

The bohemian City of Salvata encroaches closer to the heavens every century. For a millennium, this towering metropolis has fostered artists, muses, and sirens so as to perfect their art and lure down a deity during a rare eclipse when the stars align.

Under the visionary guidance of the city’s Great Chancellor Calrath, Salvata has prospered in harsh desert conditions—conditions that forge coal into diamonds. And so, the City of Salvata is no different: failure is not shunned here but embraced as a stepping stone to success. Each century, another statue is immortalized, and the city climbs yet another step higher urging all citizens to strive for the vaulted halls at Salvata’s zenith.
This 5th Edition, Tier 1 to 4 epic Campaign and Setting places your party not only in the crucible of conquest—but at the heart of a battle for the very soul of a growing empire. Will you sell out? Will the city be ground to dust? Will the very heavens be lured down and open before you? The fate of tens of thousands is in your party’s hands.


The Setting of Salvata features a variety of performance locations including taverns, amphitheaters, comedy clubs, Bard Colleges, and other locations of interest. You don’t have to be a bard to partake in this adventure—bring along your existing higher-tier campaign, or wander the city as entirely fresh characters experiencing adventure for the first time. Sirens: Battle of the Bards can easily be scaled to suit all tiers of play, and each adventure contained within offers boundless opportunities for side quests and improvisation.

  • Featuring a foreword by Luke Gygax, son of Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax.
  • Including characters from the Dungeon & Dragons LivePlay Sirens of the Realms, created by Satine Phoenix.
  • Over 300 pages, designed for both Storytellers and Players in mind.
  • Full Story Campaign with 10+ new Bard subclasses, 20+ unique adventures, and numerous magical items to encourage exploration and improvisation.
  • Set in an all new location, the City of Salvata, featuring 10 unique districts each with their own unique theme and places of interest.
  • Multiple endings to encourage player agency and replayability.
  • Includes a full orchestral soundtrack featuring new music from American singer-songwriter and Godhead lead vocalist, Jason Charles Miller.
  • Side quests written by Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil), Chris Funk (The Decemberists), and many more!
  • Full Musical Campaign Soundset from Syrinscape.
  • Merchandising Partners: Wyrmwood, Level Up Dice, Campaign Coins, & more!
  • Supported VTT Platforms: Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, Shard & more!

Available in Digital PDF, Standard Hardcover, Foil-Printed Special Edition Hardcover, & Foil-Printed Limited Edition Hardcover with Slipcase & Dungeon Master Screen.

Publication Date: TBD Kickstarter: April 22 to May 22. Published by: Apotheosis Studios. ISBN: TBD. Illustrations: Full color pages. Page Count: 300+ Hardcover Size: 8.5” x 11”