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Wizard World Austin




Upon arriving at the Austin Convention Center I was immediately found to be going through metal detectors and friendly staff. I didn’t wait more than about 6 minutes to go through which was great. If you brought someone with you, it would be great to multitask and get your weapons checked.

The ticket buying area being Sunday was empty and already an hour in the doors being opened so receiving my ticket was a breeze.

One of the first things that captivate you into the con was the after entrance because you were greeted by a great photo backdrop of the Wizard World logo with 1:1 replicas of Iron Man and Hulk. As well as performing artists who had just finished playing music and were cracking jokes, doing questionnaires, and giveaways.



As a frequent attendee at conventions in Texas, you often find yourself with familiar artists from throughout the years that you probably bought at least 2 or more pictures from for your collection. In this particular showcase of vendors I was extremely fascinated by many new artists I haven’t seen before. What I noticed in this case is that many of them had exceptional detail to the beloved characters in their own art style. Either way it was incredible to see new forms of art of our favorite characters! I know I picked up some for myself.

There were certain vendors I noticed were kind of all over the place in selling geek items. Anything from pre-signed celebrity autographs, to root beer (one of my favorites), images drawn on page books, flea market like items, and including window or bathroom installations?


Floor space/ celebrities:

Many attendees that were there the day before (Saturday) expressed how fairly crowded it was for them. Which was crowded enough to have you concerned if you had cosplay that could snag on someone and either break or stab them (maybe even both). But as it was Sunday, the floor space was equal to a casual day at the mall, it was “just right.” So, if you had a lot of stuff to move around or even wear this was the perfect day to do so. Unfortunately, with the feeling of a more deserving crowd for the celebrities the isle which they say felt like a ghost town. Around 1:30 I walked by 3 rows and found two entire rows almost empty. Even the line for Jason Momoa was a breeze to wait in, leaving the longest part of the experience working with his busy schedule (panels, photos, etc.).

Something I thought was cool that you don’t typically see at many conventions was some of the celebrities walking around to enjoy themselves while “trying” to look inconspicuous. Or if you are like Michael Rooker you just do what you want and enjoy the fans that cosplay you or look adorable.



Finally, the cosplay was equal to a Friday at any convention, about a 1:10 ratio of people dressed up vs not. Of course, with Mamoa being there the “Harley Quinn” of conventions were Aqua man cosplayers. With version of all kinds and their own renditions. Believe it or not there wasn’t many Harleys or Deadpool’s at all but there was a lot of Poison Ivy’s. Something that stuck out to me was the awesome cosplays from children who pulled off anything from Stranger Things to little superheroes of the Justice League. Crazy enough I didn’t see any DOJ or JL versions of Batman, primarily his tv show version.

I think what really helped WW bring in young kids to this event was their dedication to having a child’s section for them to enjoy entertainment, learn about reptiles, coloring, video games free to play and even their costume contest.

The cosplay guests as well were very amazing.  Although I couldn’t talk to everyone I had a fantastic movie chat with Nicole Marie Jean, learned a lot from a guest teaching about leatherwork, and Knightmage who had a lot of love and advice to all his guests for cosplaying on a budget. With cosplayers bringing handmade props offered were extremely diverse and had something to offer for your next cosplay.

Overall I had a fantastic time at the convention especially with seeing familiar faces and friends. The con itself was a very relaxed environment that didn’t force you to rush anything. It felt small but with company It was huge. The nearby outside convention food places were within walking distance for your non carboard pizza needs. And the attendees, staff, and guests were all very nice. Hoping that Wizard World can come back next year so that I can enjoy another (single) day to meeting guests hopefully at their tables.