Singer-Songwriter penelope new song Drive is out now!

Singer and Songwriter penelope new song Drive is out now! Penelope’s new song is a take of the unknown road someone ventures through in life. Penelope has taken that sense of uncertainty and turned it into a plan of hope throughout her song. The lyrics to the song are fantastic with a fairy tale linage when you think about it. The story starts off with someone that doesn’t know what they are doing, then continues to think over certain situations and uses that uncertainty as a positive. I enjoyed this song’s meaning as well as the smooth sailing voice of penelope. She carries the song softly through the strong rapids of the lyrics. I have enjoyed the music, the lyrics and the vocal sensation of penelope.

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“Drive” is the latest from the singer since the release of her track “coming home,” which premiered via Wonderland. Upon release, “coming home” was immediately added to Apple Music’s New In Pop playlist.