Singer-Songwriter Ahli Makes their Return with Standout Alt-Pop Anthem ‘Honey’

Artist: Ahli 

Release: ‘Honey’ 

Release Date: August 2nd  

Genre: Alternative  


Showcasing their lush vocals and incredible musical ability, 21-year-old singer-songwriterAhlireturns with alternative pop anthem ‘Honey’August 2nd.Citing Joni Mitchell and Passenger as major influences, Ahli’s infusion of contemporary indie-pop with notes of folk and jazz makes ‘Honey’ stand out from anything they have released before.  


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The gender-neutral singer-songwriter has a passion for all things Indie, Rock and Folk. With influences that span from Thundercat to Billy Joel, the 21-year-old has been songwriting for twelve years and has played at some of the top venues around Miami, New York City, and Nashville.    


With crystal-clear production that incorporates elements of electro-pop and a voice capable of subtle intriguing moments of raw power, Ahli is a fascinating prospect; a songwriter with limitless potential. 


Ahli’s main goal is to give people a space to be comfortable, to rock out, and to celebrate themselves, stating: “HONEY is about realizing what’s underneath the people you emulate. It’s both about me realizing who I wanted to be through my relationship with the ‘it-girl’. It took a year of hard work to make this track exactly the way I heard it in my head. I hope you sing it out your windows and it offers you the same amount of joy and hard truth that it gave me to create.” 


You can catch Ahli perform ‘Honey’ at their set at Musikfest in August 2019. 


Ahli is set to release ‘Honey’ August 2nd via CDBaby. 


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