Singapore-based music producer Amyr Abadawn debuts in the underground scene with The New Chapter

Singapore-based music producer Amyr Abadawn has produced many types of genres, languages, and styles of music with some of his work hitting the top of the radio charts. He started working with commercial music in 2012 and has traveled and performed in Malaysia and Singapore. Some of his songs have also been broadcast on television and radio.

You can listen to “The New Chapter” at this location:

After years of working with commercial music, Amyr Abadawn has finally managed to make his own underground debut album in 2021. He decided to make a concept album heavily influenced by the middle eastern style of metal lead by a futuristic character that came back to the past to get his music skills. You can listen to a combination of modern and old school in an album that features collaborations with some artists like Wazzmo, Fatin SerulingLady and Cavallotto Rossana.

Abadawn comments on the album’s futuristic character: «His world was about to end with no music. Everything was about to be destroyed by the aliens & the alien’s weakness is music. He had no choice but to travel to the past to learn everything about music. In that era, he discovers a lot of challenges such as war with Alien Egyptian Gods. He keeps knowledge and fights the wars. But actually, the Aliens are not dead. There will be a continued story.»

The album will be available worldwide through the Shredguy Records online store.