Silver Chains Review

Silver Chains is a horror-themed game by Cracked Head games and Headup games. An exploration-based first-person horror game filled with puzzles and trying to piece together what really happened at this abandoned home. We follow Peter after he wakes up in this house following a bad car wreck. He finds himself in a fight for his life in this house.

  • Gameplay

Gameplay was easy and simple to follow with that being said there were somethings that were a bit frustrating. One is a lack of real direction in the game running around room to room looking for clues. Felt like your running like a chicken with its head cut off. Controls were good and the graphics of the house were excellent and sound added to the creepiness of the game.

  • Story

The story was a common one in horror games with this being their spin on it. It was not game-changing the route they went but made it work for the game. A few twists you find in-game added to the oh wow factor of the story. Overall it works and you must find out what really happens in that house.

  • Overall

Overall the game was a fun one to play and I must say it take a lot to catch me in a jump scare. One got me good caught me slipping. I won’t say which one so it may get you too. Fans of horror games will find it a fun play with its tasks to find parts of a doll and using a special item to navigate the house. The game is out now on Ps 4 and Steam and other platforms. Check it out and discover what ties Peter has to this house.