Shot in the Dark PC Steam Review

Shot in the Dark is a new game on Steam that twists western into a horror concept. You have your six shooter by your side while you go through various levels shooting things that go bump in the night. I was able to sit down on my laptop and wear my favorite cowboy hat. The boots didn’t fit me but that was ok. This game will have me humming the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly tunes while dreaming of being Clint Eastwood. My review of the game is below but you have to check this game out! Very cool!

Here is the review:


  • 8 bit Graphics
    • The graphics are so old school, I had to bite my arm to make sure I was awake. With my arm throbbing, I was able to check out more of the game. I enjoyed traversing though the levels and finding out parts of the story of the character you play.
  • Neat Story
    • The story is pretty cool quite actually! Your a lone bandit that is looking for vengeance while killing demons, cultists and more! You travel through various levels reloading your six shooter and having a good time blasting away enemies!
  • Cool Music
    • I adore 8 bit music! This is so cool that this game utilizes the 8 bit music concept but still make it badass. If this soundtrack of the game becomes available, may add it to my Spotify list of cool music.


  • No Controller Use
    • I love to connect my Xbox controller to my laptop in order to get some gameplay. My controller wasn’t accepted for use in the game, so I had to deal with the keyboard and mouse. I’m alright with that but I’m more used to a controller than a keyboard.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Shot in the Dark is a challenging game with horror lore that will keep your attention on that screen for hours. You feel like your a marksmen like Clint Eastwood who just oozes those instant classic mottos. Shot in the Dark is a fun 8 bit game that has cool chiptune music to keep you busy killing those cultists. You will be shocked on how hard the demon will be at the end and you will wish you had a controller to use but in the end the keyboard does the trick. Shot in the Dark will challenge you but its fun, and gets your socks off with some 8 bit horror madness!

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