She’s Allergic To Cats Review

She’s Allergic To Cats a film by Michael Reich staring Mike Pinkney as himself with Sonja Kinski (Cora). A story of a very down and out film director with dreams of remaking one of his favorite horror films with cats as the stars. Living in LA working a dead-end job as a pet groomer going nowhere in life. He creates one would say Arthouse videos but he calls them “Weird art videos that nobody wants to watch”. Going nowhere in life try to pitch his ideas to get his films made only to keep getting shot down. The frustration building within him he lives in a rat-infested house with a landlord who won’t return his calls played but Honey Davis as himself. A turn in his luck he meets a woman Cora while grooming her dog. They go out on a date which turns into an adventure in its self. Only to end the night with an unexpected turn.

This film reminds me of an arthouse film at its best with the cut in of Mike’s weird videos. Add a very stylized layer to the film. The cinematography in this film adds to the feel of his life going nowhere and give a grittiness to it. I came to feel his frustration with life and his landlord. Overall I enjoyed this one check it out for yourself and enjoy Mike’s story.