Sharp Objects Series Review

Got a chance to review the HBO show Sharp Objects and from the first episode, I was caught in the web of the show’s storyline. A complex story full of twist and turns I got tangled in the mystery. Sharp Objects follows Camille (Amy Adams) a reporter sent back to her hometown to investigate a string of young girls murders. Going back to Wind Gap is not an easy¬†task for Camille she has to go back and face some of her past demons and her family as well.

Her rocky to say the least relationship with her mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson) is one of her major issues of returning home. The starts to unfold with her dealing with being back home the drinking and flashbacks Camille has fills the gaps to her past and why she can’t stand Wind Gap.

With each episode she investigates the crimes of the town as well she uncovers something of her past that comes to light. Ties and loyalty to Adora are more than set in stone and her chokehold on the town is very clear as Adora is hellbent on stopping Camillie’s investigation.

I don’t want to spoil the show it a review full of spoilers I will say that this show is intense and will show you some dark places in the whole cast mind and the towns. The town itself plays a huge role in the series the whole small town everyone knows your business is very true here in Wind Gap. I was able to sit and watch the 8 episode first season available now on VOD from HBO I almost watch it all in one day I was that hooked in the story. Each episode takes us deeper down the rabbit hole of who did it and why. You will be shocked and punched in the gut as this series as the truth unfolds. Amy Adams plays Camille with a deeply emotional and heartfelt pain that you can feel it in her performance.


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