“The duo have a real depth of experience, and this perhaps contributes to the richness of their music, to the daring of their songwriting“- CLASH 


“Mesmerizing 80s infused electro-indie-pop”- XS NOISE 


“Depeche Mode-esque jittering analogue synths cascading to a rich, athematic chorus”- Spindle 


Having received support from CLASH, Spindle and performed at Isle of White Festival, indie-pop duo Other Nature make their return with 80’s infused, electro-pop anthem ‘The Throne’.  


Comprising of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Sena Verdi and singer-songwriter Tariq Khan, the duo are no strangers to the music world. Drawing on their shared love of Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and a heavy dose of R&B and Hip Hop synthesizers, Other Nature deliver us their unique retro sound. 


The music video for ‘The Throne’ will debut October 18th– shot by Tom Le Bon and features ‘People Just Do Nothing’ star George Keywood.  


When asked about the track, Other Nature’s Sena stated: “Musically the song is a weird mash of lo-fi, R&B with a big cinematic chorus that I put together and sent to Tariq to get some melody ideas on top of. We usually mumble words over some music and meet up and flesh out the words. The lyrics of the song are essentially from the perspective of the conscience of a tyrant. Someone who lies over and over, and rules people. The words came really quickly, and seem to be accidentally apt given current world events” 


The Throne will be available to download on all streaming platforms October 18th