Shadow and Bone Neflix Show Review

Shadow and Bone on Netflix gives your imagination a rollercoaster ride of an up and down adventure! You watch as Alina tries to find herself in an unknown world while her best friend Mal moves mountains to save her. Then you have magical Grisha that fight the battles of man and are up in an implosion as they look for the one that has light like the sun. An adventure that will rock your world!

I took the chance and engulfed my day to watch this new series on Netflix and I wasn’t disappointed! I love the story of Alina and Mal as orphan’s that stuck with each other throughout dire times. Then they learn more about each other and the world around them as they fight to keep together! Wanna know more? Click the link below and watch the show on Netflix! Need more convincing, then read my review below! Don’t worry, I didn’t spell too much of the juicy parts!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • The story starts off with the black mass that is the fold that separates different countries as the fold itself is deadly. You have these different Grisha that harness magic and help people with tasks or to travel between the fold. Alina travels with her friend Mal in an expedition to the Fold where she finds herself doing something that lights up the world inside of there. Then the general is in love with Alina and wants her power and Mal is needed to save her!
  • Fantasy
    • The use of magic and spells for the cast intrigued my imagination as I watched as simple things were done with magnificence. Watching Alina slowing gain her magic and use it for the light that is needed, just hooked me hard. I wanted more of Alina in the fold and her traversing through there. I think even thought as the light, she can light her way to some mysterious that will be huge in the story.
  • Love
    • I enjoyed how Mal and Alina partnership which is pure love is engulfed in each episode. You watch how they protect each other when they are children or more of Alina protecting Mal at a young age. You see Mal wanting to return the favor and not want to leave her side. You can feel the emotional breath of how Mal and Alina have for each other throughout this show. I enjoyed every bit of it!


Rating: 9 out of 10

Watch Shadow and Bone here: