Shacknews and Greenlit Content Bring Top Live Events to San Diego [email protected]

Shacknews to Host Game Panels and Events for [email protected] from July 23th to 26th 

San Diego, California – July 16th, 2020 – Shacknews is coming to the first San Diego [email protected] on July 23rd to 26th, 2020 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm PST. Greenlit Content and Shacknews will be live on devices everywhere with their re-imagined [email protected] Esports Lounge. Shacknews will also be promoting some of the top gaming reveals and news around the event. Join us at Comic-Con from the comfort of the couch! All four days of exciting events and announcements can be watched live at Comic-Con’s Twitch Channel.

Livestream sessions will include:

  • A look at Ubisoft’s new battle royale Hyper Scape. The fast paced, high flying game which has just hit the scene and continues to impress fans.

  • Watch the XBOX Series X announcements with the crew at Shacknews for reactions to all the updates.

  • Many more announcements will be coming this week leading into the event!

“Shacknews is honored to be taking over the [email protected] Twitch channel for a very special week of programming. We look forward to celebrating video games with a wide array of livestreams ranging from live previews to panels, and even exclusive interviews.” – Asif Khan (CEO Shacknews) 

Greenlit Content, in partnership with Shacknews and San Diego [email protected], have formed a fantastic program to reach fans at home during July. Fans will be able to view panels and tournaments with their favorite celebrities and influencers. Wake up with our breakfast pre-show each morning, get some coffee and preview the latest game announcements coming each day. Follow the top panels and get the reactions with influencers on all the news. Finally, the Sundown Post Show and Late Night will catch up with anyone who missed the day’s announcements.

In total throughout [email protected], Shacknews will give away 10 Xbox One X’s. There will be various promotions and contests throughout the event next week where fans can win.

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the largest pop-culture events of the year. Greenlit Content and Shacknews are excited to provide top gaming content at the event. Making a change due to COVID, Comic-Con at Home will provide a global outreach for all fans to enjoy panels and events. Fore more information on partnering with Greenlit Content and Shacknews for SDCC please contact them HERE.

About Greenlit Content 

Greenlit Content is composed of content experts that have spent decades in and around the gaming space in high level creative positions at companies like Riot Games, 2K Games, IGN, Nickelodeon, and more. Greenlit Content is the direct line between brands and the gaming audience. GLC’s custom content team cuts through the noise with video, social strategies and editorial that will resonate with the all-important gamer audience.

Greenlit Content is owned by ReKTGlobal, Inc., a global esports organization that bridges the gap between traditional sports and esports, providing solutions for the entire ecosystem. ReKTGlobal’s list of clients includes companies such as State Farm, Find Your Grind, NBC Sports and Madison Square Garden Networks. ReKTGlobal is also the parent company of professional esports organization, Rogue, and the London Royal Ravens.

About Shacknews 

Shacknews began as a Quake fan site in 1996. We have grown to cover video games and cutting edge technology with evergreen video, guide, and long read content while providing readers and viewers with the latest reviews, previews, interviews, and news.

Shacknews has been a voice for gaming for 24 years, and our Chatty community continues to be a very special place on the Internet for Shackers to discuss just about anything. We will continue to expand our reach in the coming year with a brand new way for our users to express themselves like never before.