Sensory Masterpiece Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition for Nintendo Switch

A Crime Thrilling Sensory Masterpiece


September 30th 2020 – ININ Games is happy to announce the first collaboration with Sekai Project for one of Japan’s greatest adventure games, Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition! The game will be published physically, and digitally, in North America and Europe for Nintendo Switch. ININ Games will also create an exclusive Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition, both of which will be only available at the Strictly Limited Partner Store. Pre-orders for the Limited and Collector’s Edition will start soon, with the retail pre-orders to follow soon after.


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Developed by Regista and directed by Ever17 creator Nakazawa Takumi, Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition follows the events of a nuclear meltdown at a research facility from two different points of view.


Leaving an unknown amount of survivors inside and a reactor at the verge of exploding, the rescue team is sent in to figure out the situation and save the ones left inside. Unfortunately the leader of the rescue team is suffering from amnesia, which makes the situation even more complicated. The player will uncover the events that have led to this disaster. Combining the stories of the different characters and experiencing every twist and turn is the only way to uncover the truth of what happened that fateful day.


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What separates Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition from contemporary games is its unique and highly involved Senses Sympathy System, in which the player must follow his senses and gut feeling and prioritize which character they want to focus on and follow, drastically changing the scenario and the outcome at every step. One wrong move can lead to their demise, and the many endings of the game are certainly not happy ever after…


The Switch port features fully HD graphics and crystal clear sound. This exclusive Collector’s Edition of the classic adventure game is a one of a kind with never before seen items and extras designed exclusively for ININ Games. Among the items are the new acrylic stand for fan favorite Yuri, an all new collector’s box design and a new artbook, as well as the fantastic soundtrack on a double CD-set with an all new jacket design.

The Collector’s Edition for Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition includes:

  • Collector’s Box with magnetic latch

  • Nintendo Switch Game with reversible Cover

  • Acrylic Stand of Yuri

  • Character Bio Art Cards

  • Art Book

  • Double CD Complete Soundtrack

  • Mini Shikishi

  • Poster

  • Sticker Sheet


For the first time outside its original Japanese release, a limited set of body pillows, aka dakimakura, will be available exclusively in the Strictly Limited Games Partner Store.


Together with Sekai Project, we are extremely happy to provide you with some of Japan’s finest visual novel adventures, and Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition is one of the greatest of all time and an unforgettable thriller from start to finish.


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About Sekai Project
Sekai Project is a localization and game developer founded in 2013 from various industry veterans combining their efforts to translate and release Japanese adventure games and visual novels in English. Over time, the company has worked on many familiar titles, including the world renowned CLANNAD, the Grisaia series, NEKOPARA among others. The company began publishing and developing for home consoles in 2016, and also forayed into print entertainment with manga’s such as GATE. Today, Sekai Project develops and translates games from all over the world and different genres.

About Regista
Regista is a Japanese adventure game publisher formed by industry legend Nakazawa Takumi, known for his work on Ever17. The company has brought many popular titles to home consoles since its inception and continues to produce and publish highly involved and engaging adventure games. Together with Yeti, they saw great success with games such as Myself ; Yourself and Root Double: Before Crime * After Days -Xtend Edition.