Sega’s Sonic and “Tails” Bring Their Powers to Cookie Run: Kingdom

Today, Devsisters is announcing a limited-time event with Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower joining Cookie Run: Kingdom from September 17 to October 16, 2021. The event showcases 2 new special Cookies: Sonic Cookie who brings his famous “spin and dash” as a power; and his loyal dog, Miles Cookie who can attack enemies while amping up the powers of his teams. Players adventure through 9 increasing levels of difficulty in the popular mobile RPG base-building game, Cookie Run Kingdom. Each game level includes both a running component and an epic battle against the “badnik” Cake Monsters. Players collect limited-time coins as they progress through the game.


When cookies turn bad…

GingerBrave and his Cookie friends have fallen for Dr. Eggman’s evil plan to “badnik-fy” the Cookies. Desperate and trapped in the Green Hill, the Cookies can’t find the Ring Portal, their last hope for escape. Will Sonic and Tails come to the rescue? Things are looking good until they’re attacked by Cake Monsters.


Spin power to the rescue

Using his famous “spin dash” as a skill, Sonic Cookie curls into a ball and blasts forward to deal damage to the enemies while increasing his critical hit rate.


Tails Cookie, a talented mechanic, uses his two tails to fly around. His “spin dash” skill comes in handy to attack the enemies and amplify the defense power of his team upon return.


The action heats up when both Sonic and Tails Cookies are played together to dramatic effect.


To get the new Sonic and Tails Cookies, collect all seven Chaos Emeralds in the limited-time “SONIC & TAILS’ LUCKY ITEM BOXES!” event. When all seven Chaos Emeralds are collected, Sonic Cookie will be granted. Then complete the challenge again to get the Tails Cookie.


More information can be found in the Cooke Run: Kingdom’s official Twitter account {}. Cookie Run: Kingdom available now in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.


About Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action-packed, base-building, mobile, RPG that brings Gingerbrave and a motley crew of over 54 Cookie Run characters on delicious adventures. These tough cookies explore over 250 story levels where they build tasty strongholds, fight for the Kingdom, and uncover secrets of the past.

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About Devsisters

Devsisters is the creator of classic running games, including OvenBreak (2009), Cookie Run: OvenBreak (2016), and Cookie Run: Kingdom (2021); which have reached over 150 million total downloads. The flagship game, Cookie Run, has historically ranked #1 in Free Games in the Apple App Store of 13 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and continues to grow in popularity.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Devsisters has offices in Japan, Taiwan, and San Mateo, California. For more information, visit