See Season 2 Apple TV Plus Review

Season 2 for Apple TV Plus hit show See is out now to stream and watch! A fantastic season that carries on from last season’s dramatic conclusion. We see Haniwa at Edo’s prison in the first episode. Baba Voss makes the trek to find and save her in his former city. Kofun is captured by Toad and travels to be reunited with his mother in another city. The Queen has created a new capital in another Payan city where she makes some crazy remarks.

Season 2 brought on some amazing storytelling from the writers where you are going to be hooked hard this season. I won’t spoil much below of the season but you have to check it out!

Here is the review:


  • Unraveling
    • When I thought there wasn’t going to be new storylines in this show, I was dead wrong. Each episode provided a creative touch of a new chapter in a story that grows organically. One for example: Tamacti Jun finds out he has some sort of PTSD due to all the killings he has done for the queen for the past 20 years. He wants to die so others can rejoice in justice but Paris talks to him to reassure him they are already getting justice.
  • Baba’s Story
    • We learned more about Baba Voss through his brother Edo Voss who is played by Dave Bautista. We find out more about him being a slaver, killing innocents, and much more. Edo has a personal vendetta against Baba as he wants revenge for the death of their father. Edo sees a different side of Baba as he has become a father now and has remorse of his past.
  • Queen New Capital
    • With the old capital flooded, The Queen finds a new capital in another Payan city. The Lord of the city, Lord Harlan, doesn’t quite invite her in but has to since she is the queen which leads to more of a story with Lord Harlan and Maghra.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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