Securing Family History Through Music With Ruby Ibarra

Scrolling through a friends Twitter feed, I came across a post he had made. He was at SXSW and had seen this young woman perform in Austin. He made some remarks that caught my attention and so I watched the short video he recorded of her performing. I was thinking to myself, “that can’t be real”.

I hopped onto YouTube and found an array of music from this young artist. The video I had seen on my friends Twitter feed was just a snack compared to the meal Ruby Ibarra provided on her YouTube page. I started watching each one and at times, I had to restart them just to watch again and again.

This musician is using her voice and her words through her music and showcased her family history and culture into her stories. I was in awe as you listen and view Ruby Ibarra is reciting novels to you through each song about her family history and culture history.

I have became a huge fan and I hope ya’ll take the time to check out this artist!