SDCC’S Comic Con At Home 2020 Makes The Save This Weekend

A dark cloud has been over our world for months now! The pain and despair is heard daily from the haunted souls of people in our world. The world has been needing a hero for sometime with many call for help attempts with no response. With the banner of all looking eye is shown, a whistle is heard and crowd is helped up to their feet. A hero is needed and they came to save us!

SDCC’s Comic Con at Home 2020 flexed their muscles to pull the darks cloud out and make us happy again! The pages turn in this comic book of life with a story that can fill newsstands with issues at hand. SDCC decided this year to not have their yearly convention in San Diego but brought the convention to everyone’s homes. Every one had a front seat to enjoy a virtual comic con filled with panels on Youtube and Twitch, free swag from Amazon’s The Boys, and contests galore from Sideshow Collectibles.

This year was suppose to be my first year attending San Diego Comic Con with my team as accredited press/media. We were disappointed that we weren’t able to travel to San Diego but no worries, we continue to move on. We made sure we brought Comic Con at Home for our viewers and for fans out there through social media, our website and interviews on Youtube.


Every convention we go to, we make sure to interview guests, vendors, cosplayers and more. This year was a bit different as we had to forgo a team of 6 on the floor, and We relied on ourselves to become the master of  Zoom to record interviews. Nick and I created a plan, did some training and have brought you the very best interviews Zoom has to offer. We contacted by a few writers, artists, and more to get their view on the convention, their latest projects and much more.

You can catch our interviews here:


Comic Con at Home 2020 was very different on checking out booths. I loved exploring booths throughout a convention to see what they brought to the table. While this convention was being at home made it hard, but many vendors and companies did their best to get some of their ideas out there! Amazon provided a virtual area to get free swag daily, cool photos done and much more. Sideshow Collectibles brought their booth virtually with 2 or 3 times a day live showings on Youtube. They showed fan’s their latest toys, statues, art and much more. This year was no exception for Sideshow as they STOLE  the show with their virtual booths!


My GOD! Did you guys check out the Comic Con at Home exclusive items from UDON, TOYNK, NUCLEAR BLAST, SIDESHOW, and MCFARLANE TOYS ??!!  SDCC usually has a plethora of convention only items to buy for fans to take something home from the convention. We were able to check out some of the exclusive items from these companies showcase them to the fans. Be sure to get them before they sell out!



This convention is what we needed at this moment of time. Comic Con at Home was a free convention for everyone to come out and join in the fun. There were hundreds of panels daily with tens of thousands of people joining in to watch from the comfort of their home. I felt good to get into the midst of things for a comic convention such as reporting news, interviews, reviews and more that we would usually do at a regular convention. My feet though are not tired like they usually are on Sunday nights as I’m usually exhausted from the con weekend. I assure you, my back has been killing me and my mind is exhausted! SDCC’s Comic Con at Home has set in stone how you should see a virtual con. Their were many missteps but everyone in deed but it’s all a learning curve. Will we will see more virtual conventions like this magnitude throughout the rest of the year? Time will for sure tell but for now, as I will rest my back and think of plans for 2021.

What do you think of the con? How did you enjoy it? Let us know in comments!


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