SDCC IDW Draw a TMNT Panel

After watching and listening to IDW answer questions we have all wondered, I am happy to say there is going to be so much more cool stuff to be created in the future.  

In this panel we had gotten to hear the discussion of artwork, TMNT current comics, introduction to Jennika, and even talk a little about the new Nickelodeon cartoon, Rise of the TMNT and their thoughts about the creation of the show.  

The first topic was about the new IDW comics that are currently being released, which was as of last year the 100th issue being released. I loved how they stated that this one long story has created such ana amazing universe to the Turtles. It was amazing to here Kevin Eastman talk about this accomplishment.   

Next, they decided to lightly tough base on Rise of the TMNT and its animation. Chad Thomas was talking about the designs that they went with the brothers and why they made them the way they did. They loved the idea of making this type of change from previous versions and how much fun they had working on this project.  

One of the most talked about subjects was of the new family member, Jennika and how she falls into place in the Turtle universe. Sophie Campbell was taking over this topic about how Jennika was created and born into this amazing story. They did also talk about the slight concern about bringing the character to life due to the fall of the first female turtle Venus back in 1997 life-action show. But in the end Jennika is a beloved character to the creators and fanbase of this series.  

The appreciation that everyone had for each other in this panel was just wholesome. They touched base on so many topics and so many questions were answered that fans had been asking. If you want to check out this panel link will be down below that way you can check it out yourself.