SCUF Gaming Unveils SCUF Reflex – The First High-Performance Controllers Created for PS5

ATLANTA, GA, December 7th, 2021 – SCUF Gaming, creator of the high-performance gaming controller category (NASDAQ:CRSR), today introduced SCUF Reflex, Reflex Pro, and an inaugural first-person shooter model, Reflex FPS. All three models of the Reflex controller are designed specifically for PlayStation 5 (PS5).


SCUF Reflex encompasses all the groundbreaking features synonymous with SCUF excellence, delivering a heightened experience created specifically with PS5 gamers in mind. Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS include the patented paddle control system that helped make SCUF controllers the premier choice of competitive players everywhere – with an evolved controller design to improve performance for PlayStation gamers.


“PlayStation fans are an integral part of SCUF’s history,” said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR. “They desire speed, durability, comfort, and adaptability and SCUF Reflex delivers them all. Our team has spent months perfecting the design to create the optimal PS5 controller. We’re proud to have created a controller worthy of the PS5 community that equips them with heightened performance on the newest console generation.”





All three Reflex models feature four removable back control paddles, programmable directly on the controller and toggled through at the press of a button. Paddle profiles make it easy to fine-tune controller settings and save them for different games. No pause in gameplay, remapping tool, or software app is required. Reflex and Reflex Pro feature the DualSense™’s adaptive triggers, giving gamers the ability to experience immersive PlayStation 5 gameplay alongside the SCUF control advantage.


For fans of first-person shooters such as Call of Duty or Destiny, the Reflex FPS model features high-performance grip along with instant bumpers and instant triggers – eliminating trigger pull and offering a one-tap motion similar to a mouse click for advanced speed, ideal for fast-paced shooters. Reflex FPS also comes without force feedback motors or adaptive triggers, creating a lightweight controller that removes unwanted vibrations while playing, so you can keep your aim on point at all times.



The Reflex will initially be available in black, with more colorways to be released in the weeks and months following. Future versions of the controller will offer even further customization with a wider variety of faceplates, thumbstick variations, and trim colors to match any setup or personal style.


A complete list of SCUF Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS features includes:

●        Four rear, remappable paddles that can be configured to 12 functions

●        Profile Switch allows you to save three remapping configurations for different games

●        Adaptive triggers, from the PS5 DualSense™ controller, changes force and tension to improve in-game immersion (Reflex and Reflex Pro only)

●        High-performance grip for advanced comfort and endurance (Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS only)

●        Instant triggers and bumpers alleviate pull distance for faster activations (Reflex FPS Only)

●        Wireless connectivity to play comfortably from a distance

●        Improved thumbstick design and material for more grip and durability

●        Interchangeable thumbstick options, including long, short, domed, and conclave, for optimized fit

●        Removable faceplate trim to swap colors and thumbsticks easier

●        Anti-friction rings for smoother, more controlled thumbstick movement

●        Mute your headset at the tap of a button

●        Built-in rechargeable battery, charged via USB Type-C


Pricing and Availability


Compatible with PS5 and Windows 7+, SCUF Reflex starts at $199.99, Reflex Pro starts at $229.99, and Reflex FPS starts at $259.99. All are now available exclusively at:


SCUF is not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with any Sony company. All non-SCUF product names are trademarks of their respective holders.


About SCUF Gaming


SCUF Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, provides superior accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC that are used by top professional gamers as well as casual gamers. Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controller features are covered by 180 granted patents and designs, and another 38 pending patent applications, focusing on four key areas of a controller: the back control functions and handles, the trigger control mechanisms, the thumbstick control area, and the side-mounted configurable SaxTM button placements. In December 2019, SCUF Gaming was acquired by CORSAIR, and remains a separate brand within CORSAIR.


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