Los Angeles, CA – November 26th 2021 –  TRACKER COLLECTIBLES, a division of SCOUT Comics and Entertainment,  is excited to announce their brand new KICKSTARTER launching on Black Friday, November 26th 2021. The KICKSTARTER will feature 1:18 scale LIMITED EDITION “PRESTIGE COLLECTION” action figures of two of SCOUT COMICS most popular comic characters. “Phantom Starkiller” from Peter Goral (Killer Bootlegs) and Joseph Schmalke’s “Phantom Starkiller” comic book series and “Julius Black” from Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall’s “The Electric Black” and “Electric Black Presents!”

In the fall of 2020, Scout Comics & Entertainment announced the launch of TRACKER Collectibles, a new company that would specialize in the exclusive production of toys and other collectible merchandise for Scout Comics’ & Black Caravan’s HUGE catalog of creator-owned intellectual properties. The TRACKER Toy division of SCOUT Comics is run by Killer Bootlegs‘s Peter Goral, who is at the forefront of the handmade action figure movement. Peter’s figures and art are highly sought after by collectors and have been in galleries all over the world. These new figures are heavily inspired by the nostalgia for the “classic” action figures and toys of Yesteryear. They push the boundaries of the sculpts to new heights incorporating a higher level of detail making them reminiscent of the higher-priced collectibles and thus appealing to the more serious and grown-up fans who have collected similar sized figures in the past.
“We met Killer Bootlegs when we started publishing Phantom Starkiller and knew instantly that we had the perfect person to launch our collectibles division in Peter Goral.” said Scout’s CMO Don Handfield. “We are so excited to release the first of many figures from the extensive Scout, Black Caravan and Scoot catalog. Peter, Joe and the rest of the team have been working very hard over the past year to make the best available figures. We can’t wait to share them with the rest of the world!”

“Not only were we obsessed with making a GREAT lineup of collectible action figures for display purposes, we really wanted to focus on the form, function, and playability of the figures as well.” said Peter Goral, CEO of TRACKER Collectibles.  “As action figure fans and collectors, we really wanted to make sure we avoided any issues such as, when a figure can’t properly hold it’s accessory, refuses to stand, or has limited or zero motion at articulation points on account of bad planning. So needless to say,  our team focused A LOT of thought, time, and consideration into making sure we had everything PERFECT, even going so far as to having some of the 3D models nearly rebuilt from the ground up to make sure they were absolutely flawless. We can’t wait for fans to see the final product and get their hands on them.”

Fans can contribute to the KICKSTARTER beginning FRIDAY NOV 26th HERE with tiers beginning at just $5. Check out some of the REWARDS below and check out the KICKSTARTER FOR full details, reward structure and stretch goals!

About Scout Comics:
Scout Comics & Entertainment is a bi-coastal publishing and production entity that has quickly become one of the leading independent publishers in comics. They have over 220 titles in their publishing catalog and distribution deals with Diamond, Lunar and Simon & Schuster. They have a successful horror sub-label Black Caravan, and a Kids & Family division SCOOT!, and recently launched Tracker Toys which will manufacture action figures based on the company’s original IP. Scout has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and a showroom, company store and distribution center located in Fort Myers, Florida. For more information please visit:


Born in the mid 1980s, Peter Goral’s childhood was saturated with action figures, comic books, cartoons, and classic sci-fi/horror movies. When he was 4 years old, his father showed him a bootleg VHS of The Empire Strikes Back. Little did he know that this would start Peter on the path that would eventually lead him to being at the forefront of the handmade action figure movement and inspiring countless others to follow in his footsteps. Peter’s figures and art are highly sought after by collectors and have been in galleries all over the world. What once started as a hobby of collecting and making toys has grown into a full-time career for Peter, letting him do what he loves best every day, play with toys. Peter resides in Rockford, Illinois with his wife, Heather and his 2 children.