Scarlett Siren & the Howlin’ Tramps Share Epic Single “Cruel Mistress (Pour Me Another Drink)”

Scarlett Siren & the Howlin’ Tramps share epic new single “Cruel Mistress (Pour Me Another Drink)”! I know I know… we are suppose to talk about this new single from the band but holy smokes and talk show hosts! The whole album is epic! You dive into Cruel Mistress and you are hooked after 30 seconds of just listening to the song. The singer takes control of the song with her unique voice that just hammers the nail into the wood. The band playing don’t overshadow her but actually bind with her voice that just swirls into a perfect milkshake. Each song on the album is unique to the core but gives you an essence that doesn’t divert to away from the premise. I’m enjoying this whole album as I have enjoyed the Cruel Mistress single.

listen here:


Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps are a musical collective formed in Portland, Oregon. Fronted by Burlesque Performer and Songwriter ‘Scarlett Siren’, the 7-piece blend the traditional with the unusual to cultivate an eclectic concoction of music now coined as “Psychedelic Swing”.
An alluring and staticy bass starts the song, as Scarlett’s vocal work comes into play. As you get further into the song, you’ll discover the bold and seductive side of the group, that is playful, vibrant and sonically alluring. The character of the song reflects onto the band, that brings a sound that is uniquely their own to the table.