SANDRA ECHEVERRÍA presents her new single “¿POR QUÉ TE VAS?” Feat. Nabález

Continuously taking firm steps in her singing career, Sandra Echeverría releases today her new single “¿Por qué te vas?” feat. Nabález, where she blends the musical traditions of Mexico and Colombia to give life to one of the first classics in her career.
“¿Por qué te vas?” was written by Nabález, Mango and Pablo Benito. The song was initially meant to be interpreted by Nabález himself; however, when Sandra listened to it, she fought to be part of it.
“It’s one of my favorite songs from the álbum; Nabález didn’t want to let it go because he knows it’s a hit. When I listened to it, I had to make a huge effort for him to allow me to record it. The song talks about these people whome we love so much and so we ask them: why are you leaving?, Why do you think over there is better than here? Despite the touching lyrics, it is a song that makes you dance, it gives me a lot of energy”, says Sandra Echeverría.

The single is accompanied by a music video filmed in MX Mariachis, in Bogotá, Colombia, and directed by Daniel Cuadros. In it, both singers grieve the departure of a loved one, without realizing that fate has planned to unite them.
“¿Por qué te vas?” is the first Sandra Echeverría single in her role as a Regional Mexican Singer. A month ago, she surprised her fans with the reléase of “Desaparecer”, a song that had great success and whose video to date exceeds one million views on YouTube.