SANDRA ECHEVERRÍA Breaks Into the Regional Mexican Genre with new single “DESAPARECER”

While few women have forged their way into the Regional Mexican genre, all of them have, through their talent and courage, fought for their place in a male-dominated genre. Among these strong women is Sandra Echeverría, who begins a new phase in Regional Mexican with her new single, “Desaparecer” (To Disappear).
The song was written by Jaime Flores and Luis Carlos Monroy and produced by Nabalez and Mango Duque.
Now I’m stronger
Than I believed
And than what you thought
I’m no longer a coward
Nor are you brave
Who would have believed?
“To me, ‘Desaparecer’ marks the beginning of a new chapter in music. It is the first taste of a project that I designed along with my team and that I believe represents me entirely, as a Mexican and as an admirer of the new Regional Mexican wave.
It was my first time working with Nabaléz as a producer. I’d heard a lot about him, but to discover him has been an adventure. There’s nothing better than to let yourself be guided by someone you admire so much and who inspires you so greatly on a musical level,” comments Sandra Echeverría.
The song comes with a video directed by Fausto Terán and filmed at the JapoNeza Retreat in Atlangatepec, Tlaxcala. Throughout different scenes, Sandra shows off a variety of spectacular outfits while singing to a love who did not treat her as she deserved.
“As far as the video is concerned, I knew of Fausto’s work, which I always believed to be stellar, but I hadn’t had the luck of working with him previously. It was a total pleasure. He has a magical vision that is hard to predict and a wonderful eye for all details. Generally, I had the best team, and I feel very thankful for this,” continues Sandra.