San José Pop sensation Anja Kotar releases scintillating debut EP ‘Songs From Isolation’

Since the pandemic began, Anja Kotar has taken the inspirational approach of making the most of the simple, everyday things that surround us and take for granted. Channeling this energy, she then started to create a signature dose of sunshine-y pop that is relatable to all and speaks volumes. This has led to a selection of songs that have marked the culmination of the past 12-18 months for Anja, with her debut EP ‘Songs From Isolation’ finally being released to the world.

With singles released so far including ‘Tuscany’, ‘Alone Together’, and ‘Love Song’ being featured in the likes of Wonderland, Notion and The Line Of Best Fit, it’s clear that what may seem like Anja Kotar’s simplistic approach to songwriting, is actually an influential notion that will carry on for years to come. As well as further success and editorial support across both Spotify and Apple Music, Anja’s effortless qualities to romanticise and soften the blow on what was a global pandemic has hit home for many, not just the few.

The final and lead single taken from ‘Songs From Isolation’, is the celebratory French chanson-inspired ‘Midnight in Paris’. On the closing track of the EP, Anja brings everything to the table with her swooning and swirling voice that takes the stage, coupled with the brilliantly composed production implementing some real moments of subtle magic throughout. Alongside the pure joyful and fresh melancholic pop sound, ‘Midnight in Paris’ is certainly the statement track on the record, with an undeniable flair and personality shining through from Anja.

Speaking more on the lead single, Anja explained:
‘Midnight in Paris’ is about the celebration of post-Covid life, portrayed as dancing through the night streets of Paris. I like to think of it as a sister song to Tuscany – that one opens the EP and Paris closes it off. Tuscany was written very soon after the gravity of this pandemic started dawning on the world and served as a daydream escape from the increasingly gloom reality. Midnight in Paris, on the other hand, comes at a much more hopeful time when there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After enduring through a year of lockdowns and our lives being turned on their heads, now, dancing through Paris seems less of a mental escape and more of a reality in planning.”

Talking on the EP as a whole, Anja continues:
“When the Covid pandemic took over the world in early 2020, I moved back home with my parents in San Jose and found myself wandering around the house, playing Sims, binging on TV shows and bending over backwards to find ways to distract myself from the supersonic speed the world outside had started to change at. Pretty quickly, however, it became impossible to ignore the obvious: this was going to be a cataclysmic event in human history and I knew I would never forgive myself if I hadn’t documented it in the best way I knew how: through music.

Each song, to me, represents a different part of the pandemic – from the initial stage of denial, to ‘we might as well make the best of it’, to the sudden realization of this new reality and then the cautious optimism and hopefulness that life was slowly crawling towards what we had known for our entire lives. I like to think of this EP as a diary of this time, each song representing a different emotion, a different chapter. I guess in my romanticized future, I play this to my kids one day to show them what life was like for me during *that* global pandemic, then watch them roll their eyes with an ‘oh my god mom, not again’.”