San Japan Rocked The Boat With Their Annual Event

Attending San Japan 2017 was an amazing experience for me and I was just left with my jaw hanging from my mouth from what I have experienced. I have done press for events and conventions all over Texas and I was just in shock by the atmosphere San Japan brought out this year.I saw a culture that is different yet unique in an area that showcased things you thought you saw on television.

This is San Japan’s 10 year anniversary of their yearly event here in San Antonio, TX. They brought the anime culture to center stage here in San Antonio and created an event that isn’t like other conventions. San Japan officials not only was thinking outside the box but they demolished that box. They brought out those ideas and their fanbase loved every minute of it.

One of the things I loved when I first walked into the convention center was seeing some awesome cars. I was able to walk around and see some amazing art that was displayed on the vehicles. I had my mouth wide open just looking at how professional the art was on the vehicles.

The cosplay and cosplayers was just amazing at this event! I can’t say how much I enjoyed seeing everyone’s hard work on their cosplay attire. The creativity was on fire at this event and my photographer was just snapping pictures like crazy. We do have a lot more photos on DROP THE SPOTLIGHT FB PAGE so check them out and be amazed. Cosplayers can also tag themselves in the pictures so fans viewing can find them and like their social media page.

San Japan brought out friends and families to an event where they can showcase their creativity to their world. They brought out characters to people that they would have originally saw on television and read in the comic world. San Japan defined how they viewed a convention and built a world that San Antonio and the rest of the world were able to see. I am honored to have seen that world and be amazed on how creative, how friendly and how fun everyone was with each other. I have never seen so many smiles all over the place. I can’t wait for the next San Japan event and to see what else they will bring out through their portal of awesomeness.