San Antonio’s Video Game Music Festival Super Bitfest Premieres March 5th

Alamo City residents have been starved without a music and gaming festival since PAX left the city. What San Antonio has been needing are a hero or two to step up and fill the void? Well there has been a hero or two I should say that have been bridging music and gaming for years now in the city.

Bitforce is a San Antonio rock band that has shared the stage with music’s biggest stars that have brought music from video games to life. These superheroes have graced stages all over the country bringing their own vibe of gaming music.

This year, Bitforce have leveled up and have created a festival that will bring music’s hottest acts, gaming from local and national tournaments, and of course cool items from local and national vendors to the Alamo City. San Antonio’s hunger will be fulfilled with Bitforce serving the fans tons of music, tons of gaming opportunities, and of course shop till you drop with some cool vendors.

Come out and get a taste of music’s biggest stars such as Mega Ran and Richie Branson while indulging in the DJ aspects of DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. and ILLL Katt.  You will fill yourself up quite nicely with music and badass gaming. Be sure to save some space for dessert with some cool things that vendors will have that day as well.

Artists set to perform:

Mega Ran
Richie Branson
Mariachi Entertainment System
Descendants of Erdrick
Bexar Brass
Gross Angel
Super Galaxy Train
Star Fighter Dreams
iLLL Kat

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