San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Light Up The Skies With Fun Excitement

As a family man, I was excited when the kids wanted to go to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. I have been doing to the rodeo off and on for about 10 years now and I typically enjoy it each year. This year, we decided to go during President’s Day and boy was it packed!

We weren’t able to park in the normal parking lots near the stock show, we had to park across the street near the golf course. I didn’t expect a crowd like this around 11am during the day. Either way, we parked and went through the AT&T Center area to get into the carnival. The Carnival was fun and had so many exciting rides for the children. The Ferris wheel is always a crowd pleaser but today, we wanted to do more of the stock show part.

The stock show grounds had some fun areas to check out and explore with the family. We saw the cows being milked and a ladies competition to lasso a calf. HEB had a fun few areas where we can enjoy some cheese sticks and take pictures as well. Here my children were able to take a quick pic of themselves having fun at the rodeo.

Lastly, the food! What could you not say about the rodeo without some tasty treats! With abnormal amount of people at the rodeo today, there were lines galore to get food. We were able to snag some tasty burgers as well this bacon cheese fries as well. I really wanted to try out the deep fried cheesecake and ice cream, but the lines were never ending.

The heat was tough on us and our patience were tested while waiting in lines to get food and inside some places but over all, it was a good family outing. This gave us the chance to remember our roots from the old west and see how our future is taking care of that history.

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo provided fun and excitement for not only the families attending but for the people traveling to Texas to check out the rodeo.