Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask PC Review

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask

By Juan M Carrillo

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask is developed by Red Martyr Entertainment, Info Mark Limited. The game is a point and click style horror and dark game. the game reveals its dark and gruesome plot with its use of heavy biblical imagery. As a point and click game its not my cup of tea but certainly has my interest. Though the prologue is short it has a lot to unpack with its dark and strange setting set in a strange mysterious town.

As I mention the Game is a point and click style game which fits is Horror genre perfectly. Within the first couple of minutes the game sets up the pace and its dark and biblical imagery hit you hard. Frist you play as Brother Benedek and he is your stereotypical man of the cloth. He reminds me a lot of the church folks I grew up with. From playing as Him, I can tell his life revolves around the church and nothing else. It walks you through some hellish imagery in the beginning that is very well done. The images used for background are freaky enough to make me clinch thinking that something is around the corner to jump up and scare me. Which Brings me to what I do not like about the game, the pace of it is awfully slow and not much excitement happens from the interactions around the world. You are also introduced to another protagonist name Nikolay a man that decided to leave the church to get married but is also struggling with pain. Both men try to piece together what happen to the third character in the story, which just happens to be Benedek sister and Nikolay Wife.

However, the games story is inducing enough to keep me interested, I struggled to stop playing the game just because of the pace and not much knowing what is happening. But the story is very fascinating enough to make me keep playing it. Once you start to talk to the towns folk and explore the town you find out that something dark and horrible is happing around town. Even though the game play is nothing to spectacular and there is not much to do in game beside click and point the story is what engulfs me in this game. One cool thing though is the actions you pick as well as the dialogue you choose will affect your game play, outcome and interactions with the NPC’s which is one mechanic that I do enjoy of the game.

Overall, the game is to slow pace for my liking, the art and imagery are very dark and fits in genre and the story is totally unique and fascinating to the very least. However, I am not sure if I am willing to play the rest of the game. This is one of those game that is up to the payer to decide whether it is worth the time to play such a gamer tends to do. If dark story type driven games are your cup of tea, I strongly recommend this game.

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask: 7/10 Rating.

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