Sail Forth Demo Review

We want to thank QAG (Quantum Astrophysicists Guild) for allowing us to Demo their amazing game Sail Forth. First opening up this game was a blast from the blast. I felt like I was playing a GameCube game in 2020 but with more detail and smoother graphics.  

Sail Forth is a sailing adventure game that puts you in the middle of sea life, beautiful scenery, and some epic pirate battles. As you progress through the game you are able to upgrade artillery or even create a whole new boat to better sail the seas. You can add different types of cannons, fishing in certain waters, or just enjoy the sea life that is roaming around in the water around you.  

As a whole this game brings a lot of wholesome fun adventures, beautiful graphics, and epic ship battles. It feels like everything around you are alive, from the characters, to the weather changing, and even the SeaLife that you get to experience. It is definitely a game to check out. It is as if Zelda: Windwaker met Sea of Thieves and had a baby. I highly enjoyed the time that I had with this game and I hope you do as well.     


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