Safe travels! ❤️ A free week of Wanderlust on iOS

Stay home, but don’t let that stop you from traveling.

• Wanderlust: Transsiberian is free on the App Store between November 12-19 for Pocket Gamer Launch Pad.

• The original Wanderlust: Travel Stories is $1.99 (down from $5.99) for the duration of the event.

Now more than ever, Wanderlust is a chance to travel the world, experience the beauty and richness of cultures without leaving home. We hope that by making our game free, everyone can safely take a break to enjoy the calmness and allure of travel.

We’ve partnered with Pocket Gamer Launch Pad to enable iOS gamers to claim the game completely free between November 12 and 19. If that doesn’t quite quench your wanderlust, it’s also a chance to save on Wanderlust: Travel Stories, the first title in the series.

In Wanderlust: Transsiberian, a standalone short story, players travel the longest railroad in the world, discovering the rich culture of Russia and the breathtaking beauty of Syberia.

Wanderlust: Travel Stories is an anthology of travel stories taking place across the world, from Europe to Africa to Antarctica. Both games were created by real life travellers, with every location well-researched and every journey inspired by real events.

We wish you safe travels!

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The giveaway was prepared with Pocket Gamer LaunchPad – a digital event to celebrate new, upcoming or updated iOS and Android games. Each edition takes place across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels. Pocket Gamer LaunchPad offers a brand new way for publishers and developers to create buzz around their games to a massive audience, be they recent launches, upcoming titles, significant updates to existing games.

Wanderlust: Travel Stories and Wanderlust: Transsiberian are also available on PC via Steam and Additionally experience Wanderlust: Travel Stories on Nintendo Switch, and Wanderlust: Transsiberian on Android.

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Over the last dozen years, Different Tales have worked on fantasy franchises with a cult following, mobile games for the mass market, failed artistic experiments, critically acclaimed products about killing people, prototypes that just didn’t work out, and suffered the ups and downs leading to the inevitable burnout—the whole package of the fast-paced game industry.

Now, they are ready to tell other stories. Stories rooted in the common human experience. Stories that you discover at your own pace. Stories with the potential to bring about change.

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