SADES Gaming Headset SA-929

I had purchased this gaming headset about 4 months ago for my Twitch streams and I have to say, I absolutely love them and they were very affordable! 

When I had purchased my PC I wanted to make sure I upgraded my headset for a better Mic quality. I ended up getting so much more with this purchase. Sades was a company I had never heard of before and whenever I do not hear about a Brand I do not know; it is very hard for me to trust a product not knowing what the quality of the product is like.  So, I checked the good old Amazon Marketplace for answers and boy were there a good amount of reviews for it that I had to purchase this item and as a plus it was on sale on Amazon.  

Upon receiving the item, I was still skeptical about the product on how it preformed. I’m a little bit of a picky person when it comes to performance.  The packaging of the item was very professional and when opening it, the headphones were sealed nice and tight and with plenty of wrapping to protect the item. When I unwrapped the headset, you can tell that the quality was no joke and for what I paid I was very impressed.  

The cushions on the headset were very comfortable, almost like memory foam. The head strap is wired so it will adjust comfortably without any hassle. The sound quality is where this product really shines. I really love the sound on it because of the perfect amount of low-end bass it projects whenever you are listening to music or playing a game. The sound comes out nice and clear, does not sound like something cheap at all. Also, as a plus you do have a LED lighting on both side of the headphones and the tip of thee mic. 

The Mic quality is good for what is advertised, I personally feel that they could improve or maybe focused a little more on the Mic but everything else makes up for that small issue.  When I first purchased this headset, it was starting at $49.99. Right now, you can go to the website and the product is starting at $34. As a whole I would personally recommend this Headset for the gamers of the world. I approve of the Quality, Sound, Appearance. The quality of the product will surprise you just like it surprised me.