Ryan Tennis Releases New Album Hey, Rollercoaster

Philadelphia, PA – International touring musician Ryan Tennis has released his enthralling new album Hey, Rollercoaster. With themes ranging from unrequited love, questionable life habits, the creative process, and reminiscing on life’s ups and downs, his 7th album, Hey, Rollercoaster, evokes a spirit of hope in a moment when it’s easy to feel hopeless. Hey, Rollercoaster is now available to stream and download on music platforms worldwide.

Ryan Tennis’ catchy melodies and earthy grooves have the grounded feel that comes from years and years of tours and performances in countless settings. The lyrics are delicate but still conversational and unpretentious. “With the album title, Hey, Rollercoaster, I’m saying, ‘Look, I have no idea what the world is going to throw at us next,’” explains Tennis. “Our brains are not equipped to process the turmoil of the whole world, all day every day. At a certain point, we have to turn off the news, stop the doom-scrolling, and find real connections and moments that make us happy.” This record is Tennis’ attempt to do that. “At one point, I noticed that literally, every song on here is in a major key. But that’s what I’ve needed, something real, but also something with some levity, some joy.”

Mastering this optimistic outlook and developing his sound has been a process that has taken him over a decade. Tennis has found solace in connecting a global audience that resonates with it. His worldly artistry on Hey, Rollercoaster is conveyed through his wise, established perspective on life coupled with his unique signature sound: slick acoustic guitar rooted in his folk background, groovy bass lines, and Caribbean-influenced drums. “The arrangements and rhythms definitely bear the influence of the time I’ve spent in South America,” Tennis elaborates. This is on display in his song, “Morena,” a buoyant bi-lingual track co-written by Funkcho Salas and Andres Mordecai of the Latin Grammy-nominated Colombian group, El Caribefunk. The album also features previously released singles “Alligator,” a playful track about a raving inner monologue during quarantine, and “Oh, Alexandra,” a clever twist on the experience of unrequited love.

After years of international travels, Ryan Tennis has found his footing in Philadelphia, where he undertook the cathartic process of creating Hey, Rollercoaster. Tennis co-produced the album alongside previous collaborators Pete Donnelly, Tim Sonnefeld, and Brahm Genzlinger. Donnelly (John Legend, Shelby Lynne) was at the helm for seven of the nine songs, while two-time Grammy-winner Sonnefeld (Elvis Costello, Usher) and Genzlinger worked with him on the single “Alligator,” and “I Feel It.” The songs cover a diverse array of themes. “I Feel It” is a dreamy account of spending the whole day in bed with a lover. The title track, “Hey, Rollercoaster” uses carnival rides as metaphors for the peaks and valleys of life. One of the final tracks, “Morning Song,” is a gentle reflection on the gift of the muse and features the vocals of singer/songwriter Devon Sproule and orchestral arrangements from Amos Lee’s longtime music director, Jaron Olevsky.

In a world of chaos and instability, Ryan Tennis offers a calm, positive force to bring listeners back down to earth, forget their troubles, and breathe easy. Hey, Rollercoaster is now available for streaming on digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with Tennis by visiting RyanTennisMusic.com and following him on Instagram at @RyanTennisMusic.