Rude Nala Drops Sensual Video For “Zaza”

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver’s queen of R&B, Rude Nala, has just released a sensual new video for her R&B slow jam, “Zaza.” With distorted, low frequencies and smooth sultry vocals, Nala’s video compliments the song’s theme of unapologetically living your best life. “Zaza”  is now available to watch on Youtube.

“Zaza” delivers all the comforts of classic R&B with a refreshing twist and personal edge. With lyrics alluding to explicit times, Rude Nala sets a sultry ambiance while accompanied by a light hi-hat and eerie, low frequency distorted background vocals. The accompanying music video exemplifies this song’s euphoric aesthetic. Filmed with a red-tinted filter, the video begins in the woods with Nala relaxing surrounded by plants and a calm, black kitten, parallel to her name, seated on her lap. While she lounges outdoors, the camera shot shifts to indoor clips of Nala, stretched across a white bed, creating a stark contrast in the titillating video. Throughout the song and accompanying visual, Nala pays homage to her Caribbean roots. Donning fishnets, a Bob Marley Esq – off-the-shoulder jacket, a retro cap, and icy bling, Nala’s captivating aura standouts in a sea of partygoers. The sultry songstress busies herself indulging in some of the activities she enjoys the most while surrounded by people who radiate her same energy, hence the title, “Zaza.” “The ‘Zaza’ visual gives viewers an insight of my vibes/energy and a few things I enjoy most,” says Nala. “It’s personal.” This video perfectly encompasses the concept of a must-listen song. With a variety of outfits and an immaculate performance, Rude Nala stuns as an alluring R&B starlet. “Zaza” was shot and directed by Tee Volatile and 4K Carlos from Vida Creatives, edited by Tee Volatile, and produced by Ana Pyrna.

Rude Nala has taken herself from being a smaller, soft-spoken rapper from Burnaby to playing shows at acclaimed nightclubs and putting out hit EPs. Her sound has been crafted by her gangster rap upbringing, with a twist of heavy R&B influence. She has based her persona on her stage name “Rude Nala” with “Rude” being used as a compliment in Caribbean culture to call someone a boss and  “Nala ” being her birth name spelled backward (Jalangi). Her musical knowledge expands past her lyrical genius with mastery in classical instruments to the technical back-ends of production. As a lyrical lioness, Nala conveys her emotions effortlessly with her sound and is establishing her own lane outside of Vancouver, BC.

Check out the official music video for “Zaza” on YouTube. The single can also be streamed on Spotify. For more Rude Nala content, follow her on Instagram @RudeNala or check out her website at