RTX at Home Podcast Festival Brings a Lineup of Top Podcasts to the Anticipated Global Virtual Event

CollegeHumor, Kinda Funny and More Join Rooster Teeth Originals Like “Red Web” and “Black Box Down” September 15-25

RTX at Home Podcast Festival is Presented by The Roost

Austin, TX – August 26, 2020 – RTX at Home, a virtual RTX event taking place September 15-25, is thrilled to announce the 2020 RTX at Home Podcast Festival panel lineup presented by The Roost. The RTX at Home Podcast Festival will stream live on RoosterTeeth.com and Rooster Teeth apps, with free Podcast Festival programming. The Podcast Festival includes a lineup of top-charting personality and geek culture-driven podcasts noted for their accolades, including ‘Castle Super Beast’ – one of the Top Video Game Podcasts on Apple Podcast and ‘Red Web’ – a Top Trending Podcast on Spotify. The lineup of podcasts at RTX at Home are represented by The Roost, Rooster Teeth’s industry-leading podcast network that brings the internet’s favorite podcasts closer to the audiences and brands that understand them best.

All times CT. Panels indicated below are free.

Castle Super Beast Panel

Wednesday, September 16, 3 PM CST

Woolie and Pat from Castle Super Beast will be live at RTX 2020, shooting the shit, answering bad questions and using unforgivable video game metaphors. You should probably be there!

KINDA FUNNY: We STILL Need Your Sub More Than Funhaus Does

Thursday, September 17, 2 PM CST

Never been to a Kinda Funny panel? Well, PAX stopped one of their panels and sent a strongly worded letter about another one, a Kansas City con representative had to pause a different Kinda Funny panel to make sure everyone was ok, and security took away Greg Miller’s megaphone mid-Let’s Play Live once. What do these eight people do on a panel that makes them so dangerous? Come join hundreds of other Kinda Funny Best Friends and find out. Featuring: the Kinda Funny team.

The Wonderful World of Games Journalism

Thursday, September 17, 5 PM CST

How do you balance keeping your fingers on the pulse and on your controller of choice (or keyboard, we don’t discriminate)? Enter into the Wonderful World Of Games Journalism to find out! Join a roundtable of diverse industry voices as they discuss the ABCs and NDAs of video game news: How are ethics responsibly handled in games journalism? What role does editorial play in the video game industry? The entertainment industry? How do you write a catchy headline while sticking to the facts? And how the HECK do these people get any sleep with the never-ending tight turnarounds?? Get all these questions answered and even ask some of your own – just please format them APA style. Wink wink. Featuring: What’s Good Games: Andrea Rene and Brittney Brombacher, Kinda Funny: Blessing Adeoye, Easy Allies: Brandon Jones and Daniel Bloodworth and Inside Gaming: Autumn Farrell (Moderator and host)

True Crime Podcast Panel

Friday, September 18, 3:30 PM CST

Join the hosts of the popular true crime podcasts Red Web, Black Box Down, and Cult Podcast as they detail their experiences making entertaining content about tragedy. What makes a good episode topic? How do they determine what’s appropriate to joke about? How much research goes into each episode? What advice would they give to people interested in starting a podcast?

CollegeHumor Presents: Dimension 20 Live!

Monday, September 21, 2 PM CST

Dimension 20 presents a one-shot set in the world of ‘Fantasy High.’

Superhero Smack Talk Panel
Wednesday, September 23, 3 PM CST

Join Blessing Adeoye, Tim Gettys, Greg Miller, Kayla Milton, Dorian Parks, Benny Potter and Eric Voss as they discuss all things superheroes: comic books, films, video games, shows! It’ll get loud, it’ll get personal, get your popcorn ready. Moderated by Luis Medina.

Interested attendees can RSVP at rtxevent.com.


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