Roundguard is the gift that keeps on giving – literally! The Gift Giver update is now live on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Now available on all platforms, The Gift Giver is a free update and limited time event for Roundguard that brings 3 new characters, snowball fights, and a holiday event for your favorite roguelike puzzler!

With the Gift Giver update, three new characters have been added to the dungeon. There’s the Big Freeze, an ice cold frost giant who hits like an avalanche and the Projectionist, a moody dark elf who wants to explore your emotions. And of course, there’s the eponymous Gift Giver. Players must complete his quests to prove they are worthy of the treasures hidden inside his impeccably wrapped gifts. Along with the new characters come new quests, levels, trinkets, and elite fights.

Along with the new year-round content, Roundguard will also host a special in-game event from December 20th to January 2nd full of frosty flair and festive cheer. The dungeon will be covered in snow and denizens will be dressed for the weather. You know what that means: ugly holiday sweaters and pom-pom hats! There will also be two weeks of unique daily challenges using new winter rules: Snowballing, which turns all pots to snowballs that stick to your hero, and Icy Winds, which blast through the levels and blow your hero around.“We’ve started on a new playable hero, but it will take a lot more work to get them finished, tuned, and polished up,” said Andrea Roberts of Wonderbelly Games. “In the meantime, we wanted to get something out there to give players new goals and more variety. And of course, we love events! We had a blast putting together a week of costumes and spooky challenges for our Tricks & Treats Halloween event, and we wanted to go even bigger for wintertime. We all need whatever little joys we can get right now!”

The Gift Giver update marks the third free content update that Wonderbelly Games has released in a year in which Roundguard has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including Games Radar’s “Mobile Game of the Year” and DevGAMM’s “Excellence in Game Design.” With a new playable hero on the horizon, Roundguard is set to keep growing bigger, better, and bouncier in the new year.

New features:

  • Limited time winter event
  • Snowballs, Icy Winds, and new costumes
  • New characters: The Big Freeze, The Projectionist, and The Gift Giver
  • Unique daily challenges with new rules