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Roshambo Live spread the love and cheer this Christmas Day

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Over £1,000 up for grabs to 101 winners in the extra special Christmas Day game of Roshambo Live!

24 December 2020: With a Christmas like no other descending on the country, Roshambo Live could be the answer the public is looking for, for a brighter festive season. The free Rock Paper Scissors app has already thrilled hundreds of winners with epic, live knock-out tournaments and over £40,000 given away. Now, determined to bring some cheer to a gloomy end of the year, Roshambo Live will host an extra special Christmas Day Game with 101 winners!

Players nationwide will have their best chance yet of winning with the number of winners bumped up to 101 this Christmas Day!

The free app Roshambo Live has taken the nation by storm over the past few months, catapulting players into a burst of excitement as it exploded onto screens across the country in August. The opportunities to win are endless! Bringing players the desperately craved comeback of family-friendly games, with a huge twist: players thrive off the adrenaline as they attempt to survive against opponents up and down the country and quench their competitive thirst. This Christmas, as the country might be looking for inspiration on how to connect with family from a safe and social distance, Roshambo Live offers the perfect solution. Challenge your aunts and uncles, your grandparents and your friends in different households to win a FREE cash prize on Christmas Day – it might even pay for your Christmas dinner!

‘We know Christmas this year is going to be nothing like anyone imagined, and we were in a position to do something to spread the love and Christmas spirit a little further. Having a Christmas Day game with more winners than we’ve ever had before is the least we thought we could do to help put a smile on some faces! And it’s a lot of fun for all the family no matter how many households they are spread across!’ says Samuel Worsley, Co-Founder.

An unbelievable £40,000 has already been claimed in winnings from Roshambo Live, with incredible prizes every game from £1,000 in cash to private helicopter rides to a brand new Macbook, Airpods and so much more still to come when the regular games restart in the New Year. With a host of new features, new updates and thrilling new additions to the game due, Roshambo Live is set to come back with a bang. As more players battle hungrily for a win, the prizes will continue to get bigger and better!

The Christmas Day game will have a huge 101 winners with over £1,000 to give away.

Games are a widely accepted part of Christmas Day festivities and playing Roshambo Live couldn’t be more simple: each round, players have seven seconds to choose their move, trying to beat out opponents. The more rounds conquered, the further players move, stacking up wins or using a sacred ‘Golden Life’ to stay in the running and make it into the top 100.

Spread the love and festive cheer this Christmas Day with a fun, thrilling game of Roshambo Live and maybe win some money to walk away with to pay off those Christmas presents!

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