Rooster Teeth’s Podcast Network ‘The Roost’ Announces “A Very Normal Podcast Tour”

10-City National Podcast Tour Kicks Off January 2022

December 10, 2021 – Austin, TX – Today, Rooster Teeth’s podcast network The Roost announced they are hitting the road in 2022 with A Very Normal Podcast Tour, which will feature live versions of some of The Roost’s most beloved and fan-favorite podcasts, including “The Rooster Teeth Podcast”, “Face Jam” and more.

The 10-city national tour kicks off on January 15 at the Stateside Theater in Austin, with award-winning “The Rooster Teeth Podcast” live, hosted by Gustavo Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman and featuring special surprise guests. “Face Jam”, hosted by Michael Jones and Jordan Cwierz, will go live in Chicago on February 11 at Thalia Hall. Each tour stop will feature an opening and headlining podcast, and the full lineup will be announced soon. Tickets will range from $45 to $75. VIP passes will be available and include an exclusive pre-show Q&A with talent as well as a signed poster.

The Roost’s network of podcasts are excited to be back in-person and meet the online audiences that have grown during the pandemic. A Very Normal Podcast Tour will be anything but typical – guests can expect special appearances, zany antics and more surprises of the nature only Rooster Teeth can deliver.

“During the pandemic, it was so important for us to connect with audiences online through our podcasts,” said Gustavo Sorola, Rooster Teeth co-founder and host of “The Rooster Teeth Podcast”. “In 2022, we wanted to do something special for our fans. Now that we’re able to return to live events, we’re so excited to welcome back our longtime fans and also meet new listeners who found us during that time.”

Positioned inside Rooster Teeth and representing more than 280MM views and 12MM audio monthly downloads across its network, The Roost is a top 10 network that reaches millennial and Gen Z audiences by bringing the internet’s favorite pop culture, games, and lifestyle podcasts under one roof to Rooster Teeth’s deeply passionate fan community.

“The Roost podcast network has been expanding over the last few years, but more importantly the audiences behind these podcasts are growing and engaging beyond just listening to the podcasts,” said A.J. Feliciano, head of The Roost Podcast Network. “We’re thrilled to be bringing these podcasts to audiences across the country and giving fans another way to experience the content they love.”

Rooster Teeth has one of the most engaged online communities in the world and, after postponing live events in 2020 and 2021, has major plans to bring live events back in a big way in 2022. “Achievement Hunter Live” – live gaming variety comedy shows – will return with a west coast tour in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco in March and April. RTX – the world’s greatest animation, gaming, and entertainment event – will return to the Austin Convention Center and other downtown venues July 1-3.

About The Roost

Positioned inside Rooster Teeth and representing more than 280MM views and 12MM audio monthly downloads across its network, The Roost is a top 10 network that connects quality podcast creators with the advertisers who understand them best. The network specializes in cultivating independent creator brands that align with Rooster Teeth’s community-first approach; generating revenue with its turn-key sales, production, marketing, e-commerce, events and distribution infrastructure. The Roost reaches millennial and Gen Z audiences across all platforms where they watch or listen to podcasts, including video platforms like YouTube and Rooster Teeth apps.

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