Rolling Square CES 2022 Showcases X Unboxing

CES 2022 provided companies to showcase some of the newest cutting edge technologies for the world to see. One of those companies, Rolling Square, was at the forefront of bringing 2022 to the minds of the world. They showcased some new products that will not only make life easier for consumers but easier for all us in general.

Today, we did an unboxing of a few of Rolling Square’s hit products that will have you salivating at excitement. We held in our hands some of technologies cutting edge products that will be household names in a matter of no time.

Unboxing Video:

What we saw:

InCharge X

The Swiss Army of Cables! This keyring cable will make sure you never have to fumble through your bags for a charger. This keyring is on your keychain and can be easily plugged into a USB port to charge your phone or tablet.

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Edge Full Kit

We all use our phones to check email, do spreadsheets, and much more! Rolling Square has kit that will not only magnify your phone but give it the proper high class treatment! The Edge Full Kit comes with Edge Mount that will a strong mount to your laptop or surface. The edge of it has a strong magnetic that will hold your phone in place. The Edge Light will help keep you shining bright through those meetings as it was designed for those online meetings. The Edge Wireless Charger attaches to the mount and gives your phone constant charge while you work. A truly big way to make sure your work from home is used at its full potential.

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Wireless 15W Charger

A 15 watt Wireless charger! You must be joking! Well, I thought they were joking but they weren’t! This wireless charger charges my Iphone 13 Pro in record time!

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