Rogue Company’s Japan Themed Season 3 Starts Today

Alpharetta, Georgia USA – 10 AUGUST 2021: Today, First Watch Games and Hi-Rez released the ‘Season 3’ Update for free-to-play tactical action-shooter Rogue Company.

Starting today, all players – whether on Xbox, PlayStation, PC (Epic Games Store / Steam) or Nintendo Switch platforms – can enjoy the Japanese themed Season 3, featuring a new map, hoverboards, the Season 3 Battle Pass and more!

Here is the Season 3 Battle Pass trailer:

New Map: Palace

Season 3 sees Rogue Company travelling to Kyoto, Japan, to find and prevent the Dark Web sale of an experimental weapon stolen from the US military. After the attack on their training base and one of their Rogues, Ronin, got incarcerated, Rogue Company sorely needs a win here to bolster their tarnished public image. The team calls on legendary arms dealer Runway to help with the recovery of the weapon. Runway will join the game as a playable character this September as part of the mid-season update.

Based on Kyoto’s historic Nijo Castle, the Palace map brings a new level of verticality to Rogue Company, with players able to fight across the rooftops – a first for the game.

To support this incredible cultural location, 5% of all Season 3 Battle Pass revenue will be donated to the Historical Preservation of Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan.


Players wishing their wingsuits were a little more McFly can now descend to the action by hoverboard. Two sweet new skins are available as part of the Season 3 Battle Pass rewards.

New Battle Pass: Season 3

With the Season 3 Battle Pass, players can unlock over 50 rewards by simply playing the game, including the Mythic KA30 weapon wrap – the first-ever to alter weapon geometry! More wraps, plus Rogue outfits, emotes, Rogue Bucks, boosts and more – including some for free – are now available.

In the in-game shop, players can purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass, or the Battle Pass Elite Bundle to get extra levels as a head start.

For more information about all the new content, please see:

About Rogue Company:

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