Rockula Horror Expo Terrifies San Antonio With A Frightful Weekend

The screams from women and the dripping blood costume goers descended at the Wyndham Hotel downtown San Antonio for the first annual Rockula Horror Expo. The halls were filled with families coming out to see the horror expo brought to you by Rockula. 

When you first walk into the Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel, you are greeted by this awesome piece by DINGY_DAVE and boy it had my attention. The detail from this sculpture brought out elements that you thought you would only see in books but never in real life. The image from the face of the sculpture had me watching my back as I walked around Rockula envisioning that it was following me.


The cosplay was no joke at Rockula as nearly everyone attending the event displayed some cool feature of a horror character. There was a mixture of everything at Rockula ranging from the Pennywise clown to other characters such as Leatherface. I enjoyed seeing all the cool cosplays at Rockula and we have more pictures of those on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

The celebrities at Rockula Horror Expo was amazing as they had a mixture of horror legends from every decade from the past 40 years. The list they were able to bring was jaw dropping as Pat Priest, Butch Patrick, Ryan Lambert, James Duval, Steve Dash, Jen and Sylvia Soska, and more were able to attend the event. You could see the power of their horror movies just by walking down the celeb isle seeing the displays of creative works they have done. These are the ones that not only changed horror in perception but introduced characters that we look at today and just be hypnotized to their creativity. Drop The Spotlight’s own Jerry Hruby was able to talk to the horror legends and host panels on Saturday. The picture above is Jerry talking to Candyman the movie horror star Tony Todd.


The after parties hosted by Rockula at the Korova was just legendary to say the least. You had celebrities roaming around with talking to fans and having a good time as well. There was a ton of live music by bands in the area and of course Marky Ramone making an appearance at the show. The after party was great for the fans to enjoy the night after the con and see their favorite actors having fun as well.

All in all, Rockula Horror Expo was a great new horror con for the city of San Antonio. The expo featured not only great celebrity guests and a fun atmosphere, but vendors that had some great things to showcase at the event. Rockula, as a team, help put together a horror show that everyone can be proud of. I would like to thank Rockula for giving Jerry Hruby and Drop The Spotlight a platform to interview celebrities, host panels, and showcase this incredible horror show to the city of San Antonio.