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ROCKITPLAY FastStart Brings Netflix-Like Access to PC Games

DACS Laboratories GmbH (DACSLABS), the technology leader in fast application start announces today the successful scalability test of its new ROCKITPLAY cloud-based platform. Gamers were able to start playing THQ Nordic’s Gothic Playable Teaser after a small fraction of the game downloaded, while the rest of the download continued in the background.

A video describing this technology is available on YouTube:

ROCKITPLAY from DACSLABS is the first ever cloud engine to provide nearly instant access and local play for downloadable software and cloud gaming markets. With a click-to-play experience that starts local gameplay with as little as 1% downloaded, ROCKITPLAY starts any game much faster than a full download and requires no game code changes. Game stores can differentiate themselves, converting their entire library into a click-to-play experience. FastStart can also aid F2P publishers by eliminating download dropouts, driving revenues and lowering the average user acquisition cost. Emerging cloud gaming services can offer a local play option so gamers can play anywhere, anytime.

Working together with THQ Nordic and the playtesting platform Antidote, over 1000 users recently tested games accelerated by ROCKITPLAY FastStart. “Antidote helped us to evaluate our breakthrough technology that brings an end to frustrating download waiting times,” said Frank Schwarz, CEO of DACSLABS. “Antidote shined as a platform not just for games, but also for evaluating core game technology, in our case, the delivery of ROCKITPLAY FastStart powered games.”

Employing Antidote’s post-experience user survey, over 90% of participating gamers were very satisfied with ROCKITPLAY FastStart and would like to see a feature like FastStart implemented in their favorite game store. In addition, 76% shared they would rather buy a game with FastStart implemented than the same game without it. And 77% confirmed, they would try MORE games if these were available with FastStart. “Antidote has proven that community feedback can provide valuable input for emerging game titles,” said Aleix Canals, CEO of Sekg. “Emerging technologies like ROCKITPLAY in combination with Antidote create exciting opportunities to lower friction-to-play for game evaluation on Antidote and ultimately game distribution.”


DACSLABS is a German based software development company, offering a fast start download technology that launches a game on your local PC after downloading only a small fraction of the game build. ROCKITPLAY FastStart has been developed for game publishers and digital stores as well for gamers. Official website:

●             Fast Start (up to 200x faster game start) for any game with no game code changes
●             Fast Patcher (lower costs by 40% to 50% smaller patches)
●             Microsoft Certified, Patented Fast Start Technology

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