Rockit Gaming Booms And Zooms To SXSW 2017

When I play games on my PC or Xbox 1, I enjoy playing games and creating memories as I beat certain levels and achieve some greatness. I had always wondered if there should be a soundtrack to some of the moments you create while you play your favorite games. Well there is and one duo are providing some epic adventures not only through game play but with award winning musical themes.

Rockit Gaming has been a staple online by providing some of the coolest videos with the sickest music available. Music Creators Rockit and Vinny Noose has developed a way to build a music genre out of video game highlights!


With the popularity rising for Rockit Gaming, the next step was obvious from SXSW, one of the largest gaming events every year. Austin, TX turns into a artistic mecca when they do their South By Southwest event and turn Austin into the Live Music Capital of the World.  Every year they top everything they do at the event from gaming all the way to the musical acts around town. SXSW just turned the tide with Rockit Gaming  headlining the 2017 SXSW Gaming Award Half Time Show!

They will be performing 5 of their best original songs that not only light up the Texas sky but would shine the glare off of a gamer’s glasses.

Check out their music as they main event every gamer’s memorable game play’s through their musical artistic touch. When your in Austin, hear the power that comes with Rockit Gaming.