Rising Pop Sensation Christelle Makes her Return with ‘Young Love’


Bursting back onto the scene in 2021 with an exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines her empowered attitude and bold lyricism, with an immaculately bright and catchy sound –21-year-old pop sensation Christelle is set to take over charts & playlists worldwide with the release of her latest single ‘Young Love’.

Christelle’s music is influenced by many different genres such as pop, country, rap, R&B and musical theatre. The London based artist grew up surrounded by music and begun playing the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and drums at a very young age. It wasn’t until 2015 that her attention turned to songwriting. After writing a multitude of songs for other artists, she then begun composing tracks for herself.  After years of crafting and deciphering her sound she has finally decided to start releasing her own music.


A true force to be reckoned with, Christelle creates powerful material that genuinely connects to listeners largely due to the dedication, conviction, and commitment that can be heard in every word she sings. While she’s a pure beast in the studio, Christelle balances out her professionalism by never taking life too seriously. Her fun and bubbly personality truly shines through on her social media, in her own sincere efforts to connect the people out there through her music.



Sounding outstandingly inspired in her first official release of the year, Christelle’s new single is perfect blend of shimmering pop with euphoric funk and showcases the confident performer she’s become.

Speaking more on the release, Christelle explained:

I tried creating everything I personally want out of a Valentine’s day, high on life and love single. Something fun and light-hearted that feels completely euphoric. I think whether it’s to do with love or not, to me there have always been more pros than cons about staying young at heart. The single isn’t saying that life is easy, and everything is great all the time, but it’s saying that choosing to stay young at heart whilst making our way through ‘life’ is something that’s takes intentionality but is sooooo worth it!

Through intense humour, dynamic & charismatic vocals, Christelle is set to release ‘Young Love’ February 5th.  With a lot to share with the world she can’t wait to show everyone what she’s been working on.