Rising Essex punk band Bilk are making their return with energetic new cut Bad News

Bilk’s latest offering ‘Bad News’ is a vibrant combination of the band’s trademark raw energy, rhythmic guitars and earworm vocal melodies. Frontman Sol Abrahams‘ Mike Skinner-esque delivery of the colloquial love song, meanwhile, reinforces that the Bilk brand is stronger than ever.

Speaking about the track in more detail Sol says, “A while ago I was really into this girl and all my mates were saying she’s bad news, but I liked her so much so I ignored their advice. This track’s about how when you fancy someone, all rational thoughts kinda go out the window and you start to only notice the good stuff and ignore the red flags that might be right in front of you.”

‘Bad News’ is track 2 of 6 from their upcoming ‘Allow It’ EP, which also includes recent single ‘Stop Pranging Out’ – a cautionary tale which details Sol’s first experience with magic mushrooms on a trip to Amsterdam. The release follows the news that the trio will be appearing at The Great Escape Online this year, and with the band having also recently signed to Scruff Of The Neck Records, Bilk’s burgeoning success shows no signs of slowing down.

The ‘Allow It’ EP is available for pre-order now – here

About Bilk

Reflecting on the highs and lows of British youth culture today, Bilk are three musicians creating a unique angsty blend of indie, rap and punk from the suburbs of Essex, UK. The brainchild of frontman Sol Abrahams (21), completed by bassist Luke Hare and drummer Harry Gray, their honest social commentary is as real as it gets. Their raucous live shows are already becoming a thing of cult legend amongst a new generation of music fans, resulting in chaos at venues across the UK and now also overseas.

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