Rise of The Betrayer Demo Now Available on Steam

Fans of Side-Scrolling Action Titles Can Now Get An Early Look Ahead of Its Official Launch This Summer!

SAN DIEGO – May 4, 2021 | Developer Blasted Realms and Publisher Proponent Games announced today the release of a new demo and video trailer for its upcoming metroidvania action-adventure game Rise of The Betrayer on Steam! For a limited time, PC gamers can download the free demo and get an early taste of the action to come as they explore the cursed land of Karaka to uncover the truth behind its dark history. Rise of the Betrayer is set to launch on Steam for PC this Summer 2021.

Rise of the Betrayer is a metroidvania action-adventure game where players take the role of a lone warrior as they rage throughout the vast world of Karaka in vengeance of the gods that have imprisoned them. Featuring intricate storytelling, a robust crafting system, weapon customization and multiple endings to experience, this highly atmospheric game is filled with drama, mystery and dread.

The newly released trailer provides a first look at the mayhem that awaits players. Check out the all-new Rise of the Betrayer trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-awyIKgaLqE

Rise of the Betrayer will feature:

An Engaging Narrative
Death is meaningless in the Spine of the Cursed. Everything that dies comes back to existence, eventually. Players must navigate this ancient realm of danger in search of answers and powers that will enable them to uncover the dark truth behind this veiled land and the dark truths behind your own past. As The Betrayer, they embark on a story rich action adventure game that combines quick platforming action with an engaging world, crafting, characters, combat, and abilities.

Crafting at the Core
Part of overcoming the challenges in this world is learning to use all the tools you have at your disposal. One of the most valuable pieces of your toolkit is your ability to craft. Make potions to restore your health or to increase your strength. Make weapons to brutalize your enemies and armor to protect your tender bits.

Deadly Platforming and Skilled Combat
Not only will your wits be put to the test but your reflexes will as well. It’s not all just stabby-stab. Run and jump your way to victory – and likely die trying, many times, before you succeed.

About Proponent Games

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