‘Rigid Force Redux’ Bringing Furious Side-scrolling R-Type-styled Shmup Action to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One | Headup

Today, we at Headup and developer com8com1 are excited to announce a summer 2020 release window for Rigid Force Redux, a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up (shmup) for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Following in the footsteps of beloved shooters such as R-TypeGradius, and EinhanderRigid Force Redux will challenge players to battle furious waves of sci-fi-themed enemies while powering up their ship with Force Shards and Energy Orbs.

The studio’s Head of Development, Marcel Rebenstorf, who had previously worked at Ubisoft Blue Byte on titles such as ANNO and Might and Magic Heroes Online, has spent the past several years working on Rigid Force Redux – and his love of the shmup genre is clearly reflected in the game.

Check out today’s news and the brand-new teaser trailer on YouTube, and feel free to share both with your readers.

Rigid Force Redux Bringing Furious Side-scrolling
Shmup Action to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Side-Scrolling Powerup-Grabbing R-Type-Inspired Action
Comes to Xbox One and Switch in Summer 2020

February 26, 2020 — Headup, the critically acclaimed publisher of independent games, announced today a summer 2020 release for Rigid Force Redux on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Developed by com8com1, a studio led by Marcel Rebenstorf, who previously worked at Ubisoft Blue Byte on titles such as ANNO and Might and Magic Heroes Online, the game has players piloting their spacecraft against an onslaught of aliens, powering up via special Energy Orbs and Force Shards which offer special offensive and defensive abilities. Rigid Force Redux will breathe new life into the classic side-scrolling shooter genre with its lovingly hand-crafted 3D models, stunning environments, detailed effects, and an electrifying Synthwave soundtrack.

Influenced by old-school shmups like R-TypeTurrican II, and GradiusRigid Force Redux will have players piloting a fighter that’s positively armed to the teeth with numerous upgradeable weapon systems and supplemental Force Shards! These adjustable Force Shards allow you to shoot in multiple directions, and block incoming enemy fire, while Energy Orbs appear and need to be captured in order to boost the ship’s power supply and eventually unleash an extremely powerful blast against the enemy horde. All that doesn’t only look great, but also makes you feel really powerful.

Explore a vast variety of beautiful biomes

Battle it out against huge swarms of enemies, gunships, laser wielding mechs, and giant alien creatures. Every enemy has its own unique and challenging strategy, from the tiniest creature up to the largest boss. And there’s an awesome variety of those bosses — from menacing intergalactic beasts to heavily armed Mechanoids, there’s a slew of unique super-sized opponents. Take out a rampaging Defense Satellite, assault a mutated cave-dwelling plant monster, and survive a nerve-wracking chase against the deadly Blade Guardship (to name just a few) on your mission to save the galaxy.

If that’s not enough, the game also includes special Arcade and Boss Rush Modes, global leaderboards and 40 achievements. Rigid Force Redux packs all the fun and features needed for endless hours of battling and blasting fun!

Watch the announcement trailer below:


Features include:

  • Unique weapons and power-up systems inspired by classics of the genre
  • A variety of different enemies, challenging mid-bosses and enormous end bosses
  • An exciting story mode with animated cutscenes
  • Additional Arcade and Boss Rush game modes for extended high score runs
  • Six different action-packed 3D stages
  • Adjustable difficulty levels — for beginners to shmup masters
  • Leaderboards and 40 achievements to unlock
  • Original synthwave soundtrack by DREAMTIME featuring Michael Chait

Adjust your Force Shards to shoot in several directions

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About com8com1

com8com1 is an independent game developer based in the Metropolitan Region of Hannover, Germany, and founded by industry veteran Marcel Rebenstorf, who previously worked at Ubisoft Blue Byte on AAA brands ANNO and Might and Magic Heroes Online. They closely collaborate with artists and industry experts, known and praised for their contributions to hits like Golden Sun, Time Splitters 3, Burnout 3, Heart & Slash and Elliot Quest. As a passionate indie studio, they aim to establish themselves as experts in creating rich and engaging games that you will love playing. More information can be found here: http://www.com8com1.com