Rick & Morty Plus Shovel Knight Want YOU in Move Or Die for PS4

Over 80 Characters Including Rick & Morty and Shovel Knight Bring Mischievous Multiplayer Mayhem to PS4 Debut

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – MARCH 6, 2019 – Fiercely independent game developer, Those Awesome Guys, and go to market gurus Reverb Triple XP have launched Move or Die onto the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. PlayStation gamers can now experience the fast-paced, sweat-inducing, multiplayer frenzy where game modes change every 30 seconds – you gotta MOVE or you will DIE!

With content from the critically-acclaimed PC version including characters fromRick & Morty and Shovel KnightMove or Die boasts an extensive collection of over the top game modes, some of which feature mechanics from indie classics such as SuperhotHeavy Bullets, or VVVVVV. On top of that, the PS4 version will also be debuting exclusive content in an upcoming launch-day patch. This will include six new characters, four additional game modes, three zany Mutators, and introduces the voice talent of Youtube star ProZD as an official game announcer.


Rick, Morty, Shovel Knight and more crazy characters playable in Move or Die.

“We’ve had so much fun building Move or Die on PC and there have been a lot of community requests for a console version given its button mashing action and over the top characters,” said Nicolae Berbece, founder and lead developer for Those Awesome Guys. “Today’s launch is a very big deal for us, as three years’ worth of free updates and weird ideas have manifested as game modes and characters in this odd game I managed to put together with a team of great people from all around the world. It’s a kind of an awesome new beginning!”

Move or Die has a simple fundamental premise: players who fail to move their oddball characters will see their health bar drop very quickly and eventually die in colorful, splatty explosions. Players will battle each other in an ever-growing list of mini-game modes that change every 20-30 seconds. Outrageous level designs and rule sets promote hours of laughter.

Move or Die Game Features:

  • PlayStation 4 Content: Exclusive launch content including six new characters, four game modes, three Mutators, and YouTube personality ProZD as a new gameplay announcer!
  • Easy-to-Learn, Furious-Paced Fun: Move or Die is not just the title, it’s the way to game. With not moving resulting in your character exploding and rounds lasting only 30 seconds, Move or Die is quick to pick up and very hard to put down.
  • Online and Offline Multiplayer Mania: Play as one of several outrageous characters on the couch with friends, online against people from around the world or battle devious bots offline.
  • Game Modes That Change EVERY TIME: Over 30 hilarious game modes like Jump Shot, Chainsaw Backstab, Bomb Tag, Heavy Bullets, and Rocket Run, each with their own unique mechanics and level design.
  • Mutators Change the Game: Select from 20+ Mutators to drastically alter how each game mode plays. Enable double jumping, equip jetpacks, turn on invisibility, or choose explosive deaths to kill opponents as you die – Mutators spice up the Move or Die madness.
  • Adorable, Funny, and Weird Cast: 80 unlockable characters with unique personalities to choose from, including shady penguins, derpy chickens, pizza slices, tsundere sharks, horny rhinos…whatever strange characters can be imagined, Move or Die is almost guaranteed to have it.*
  • Content-a-Palooza: Move or Die arrives to PS4 loaded with three years of content updates from the PC version including the Shovel Knightand Rick & Morty character packs.
  • W00t to Loot: Earn “not-coins” each time you play – and earn more when winning – to acquire new characters skins, unlock new game modes and Mutators, get special trail effects on your character, and special emotes to taunt your opponents as you squash their feeble ways.
  • Daily Challenges and Missions: Work your way up the leaderboard and earn bonus XP by completing challenges and missions that change every 24 hours.

Good-ol’ friend-destroying fun has been a trademark of Move or Die! Win battles to unlock new characters skins, including personalities from the infamous ‘Rick and Morty’ animated show. And if your couch gaming buddies have smashed their controllers when they lose, don’t worry – jump online and challenge other players to see who will rage quit first.

Move or Die is now available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system for $14.99 (S.R.P). For more info please visitwww.MoveOrDieGame.com, ‘Like‘ it on Facebook, watch their highly entertaining Youtube channel, and follow the game on Twitter@MoveOrDieGame for new features and updates.

*guarantee not legally binding in most countries… actually all countries.

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Founded in 2012 by Nicolae Berbece (Nick), the highly revered and great ruler of Those Awesome Guys, a video game developer based in Romania that uses his high level influence to team up with other powerful creators from around the world. Their mission: Create really, really awesome games. Really! After releasing Concerned Joe, a 2D puzzle platformer Flash game that generated a small, but dedicated following, Nick decided to set his sites on world domination. Thus, Move or Die, was born and is an absurdly fast-paced multiplayer party game that has achieved critical acclaim and commercial success and is now available on PS4. Next stop for Nick… Global mind control!

For more information, visit thoseawesomeguys.com

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