Rey Mysterio Hits The Ring in WWE Undefeated Today

WWE Undefeated continues to add new Superstars and Legends to the roster. Releasing today is the Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio! Don’t let his lack of size fool you; when playing Rey Mysterio, he can close the distance quickly and frequently switch sides with the opponent to escape the corner. His special counter Hurricana moves forward while countering, so strikes that would otherwise be hitting the air are easy to counter. Hurricana is also unique in that it sends the opponent to the nearest wall, rather than always forward or backward.

watch trailer here:

His special grapple Cassdora Bulldog rushes in quickly and can lead to a combo, which makes it a great surprise attack. You can also use it as a guaranteed combo into his finisher, 619 to Diving Splash, for stylish and easy damage. Rey’s style — Ultimate Underdog — grants faster stamina and energy regeneration while he has less stamina than the opponent. This helps him turn a losing match into a much closer fight, as well as enhancing his combo potential while playing from behind.