Cub smart buttons will track and manage baby’s daily care activities,
making care transparent, and coordination simple
Los Angeles, California, December 27, 2021 — Cubtale is set to launch the smartest buttons to track and manage baby care at CES 2022, January 5-8 in Las Vegas. ‘Cubs’ are palm-sized smart buttons designed to receive meaningful insights into a baby’s daily care activities such as breastfeeding sessions, bottle amounts, medicine intakes, sleep durations, growth and more.
Cubs can be freely placed where activities happen for quick access and a simple button press gets logs translated for parents, caregivers and experts in the Cubtale App. Cubtale also supports voice, smart watch and app logging while providing tips for newborn and expecting parents.
  • Customize your cubs: Select the activities that you would like to track for each baby (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weight, medicine intake, sleep and growth).
  • Charts & routines: View your child’s routines by looking at pattern charts, daily sessions and durations. You can even set up your own day/night times and customize to your needs.
  • Setup notifications: Set up notifications for each activity, and customize the app to meet your care tracking needs. We also provide notifications when a co-host logs an activity.
  • Sharing across multiple caregivers: You can add other caregivers to your baby’s profile to track activities along with other family members, consultants and doctors.
  • Customize your profile: Upload a profile picture and pick a profile color, customize your views.
  • Dark mode: Switch to dark mode at night and reduce disruptions.
The Cubtale Baby Tracker App is available now for use and the Cubs will be available on the market in early Q1 2022. The product will be demonstrated at CES.
Cubtale will exhibit from Booth #61339 at CES 2022 (January 5-8 in Las Vegas) in the Eureka Park Marketplace Hall G at the Venetian Expo. The company will also exhibit at CES Unveiled.
Additional information about Cubtale can be found on or @cubtale across social media.